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Emergency Services in Hubli

Today Hubli is obliged and ought to have very robust emergency services, specializing in critical areas like health and law & order. Here is a brief look at all the emergency services available in the city of Hubli.

emergency services in Hubli

Ambulance Services in Hubli

Like in all the leading cities, even in Hubli most hospitals have their own in-house ambulance services; which locals can avail as and when medical emergency arises. Below we’ve provided names and numbers of leading hospitals in Hubli who provide reliable ambulance services.

24 hours ambulance service

  • Tcsas 24 Hours Emergency Ambulance Services: (0836)-2445633, +(91)-7259024863
  • Shakuntala Memorial Hospital & School Of Nursing: (0836) 2228271, 2228272

Other hospitals providing ambulance service during normal hours

  • Nalwad Multispeciality Hospital: (0836)-2370360
  • DR Ghanti Hospital: (0836)-2376524
  • DR K H Jituri Hospital & Trauma Centre: (0836)-2371811, 2372811
  • Sanjeevivi Hospital: (0836)-2228356
  • Gss Hi Tech Hospital & Trauma Centre: (0836)-2358431, 2358432
  • Bilagi Hospital & Research Centre: +(91)-836-2260624, +(91)-9343403620

Blood Banks and Eye Banks in Hubli

Wherever there are innumerable hospitals, there also ought to be decent number of blood bank and eye banks. Hubli city is no exception to this universal rule. As it too has quite decent number of blood banks and eye banks who offer their services as and when emergency situation arises. Here are the names and no’s of them.
  • Jeevannavar Blood Bank - Hosur Hubli (24 hours blood bank): (0836)-2278320.
  • Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (also has a blood bank): +91- 836- 2370057, +91- 836 - 2373447, +91 - 836 – 2373641.
  • M R Diagnostic Research Centre & Blood Bank: +(91)-836-2253450, +(91)-9448113450.
  • S D M Medical College – (has in-house blood bank): (0836)-2477777.
  • Eye Savers: (91)-836-4254222, + (91)-9448590494

emergency services in Hubli

Fire Stations in Hubli

Hubli as of today has two fire stations, which are responsible for overcoming any fire accidents anywhere in the city. They are located in Old Hubli area and Amargol area. Phone no’s of these two fire stations has been given below.
  • Fire station in old Hubli: (0836)-2240789.
  • Fire Station in Amargol: (0836)-2322555.
Call any of these above phone no’s to douse fire accidents anywhere in Hubli.

Police Service in Hubli City

Any emergency situation pertaining to law and order situation anywhere in Hubli city is handled by Hubli Dharwad Police. The police services of Hubli and Dharwad were merged together in 1989 for effective handling of law and order situation in both these twin cities.

Needless to say, Hubli Dharwad Police has special emergency departments and has also set up police stations at key locations in Hubli city. Here are emergency phone no’s and also phone no’s of police stations in important areas in Hubli city.

Emergency Phone no’s

  • Hubli control room: 100
  • For crime against elders: 1090.
  • For crime against women - 1091
  • For crime against children - 1098

Police Stations in Hubli

  • Keshawapur Police Station: +(91)-836-2233518, 2233418
  • Vidyanagar Police Station: +(91)-836-2233516
  • Ashoknagar Police Station: +(91)-836-2233552
  • Hubli Railway Police Station: +(91)-836-2233597
  • Navanagar Police Station: +(91) 836-2233492
  • Bengeri Police Station: +(91)-836-2233526, 2233426
  • Ghantikeri Police Station: +(91)-836-2233527
  • Vijaynagar Police Station: +(91)-836-2233513

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