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Waterfalls Near Hubli

Hubli is one of the fastest developing cities in the state of Karnataka after Bengaluru. It is often regarded as ‘Chota Mumbai’ due to its high growth rate. It is also very popular among tourists as it is surrounded by beautiful scenery, various waterfalls, parks and temples. Hubli has many waterfalls that are located just a few kilometers from the city Most of them are within an hours’ drive from Hubli and serve as the perfect spot for a relaxing outing with family or an adventurous evening with friends. Here are some famous waterfalls located near Hubli

Famous Waterfalls Near Hubli

Satoddi Falls

Waterfalls Near Hubli

Satoddi Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the state of Karnataka. Located about 75 kilometers from Hubli, Satoddi Falls is known for its peaceful environment and beautiful surroundings. It is a blend of different streams flowing near Kallaramarane Ghat. The water falls from an altitude of 50 feet into a huge pond. The water eventually flows to the Kodasalli Dam into the mystical river of Kali. The surrounding greenery and forests add to the beauty of Satoddi Falls. The best time to visit these falls is between November and April. It is best to avoid visiting the falls during the monsoon season, as the roads can get very uneven.

Magod Falls

Waterfalls Near Hubli

Situated about 88 kilometers from Hubli, Magod Falls are for those nature lovers who love visiting waterfalls with immense beauty around them. They are basically a group of two different waterfalls from the Bedti River that fall from a height of almost 650 feet. The water falls in two steps making the entire view completely breathtaking. Located near Magod Falls is a very popular sunset point called Jenu Kallu Gudda, which provides a spectacular view of the sunset. The calming sound of waterfalls, scenic surroundings and the majestic mountains enhance the beauty of these waterfalls.

Jog Falls

Waterfalls Near Hubli

Situated near Shimoga, about 190 kilometers from Hubli, the water falls from an altitude of 900 feet, making it the highest waterfall in India. The most interesting part about this waterfall is that the River Sharavathi falls in four different cascades. The first part of these falls, known as Raja, falls thunderously and is joined by the ‘Roarer’. The next cascade gushing at lightening speed is the ‘Rocket’, which is joined by ‘Rani’, falling with a feminine grace. The entire effect is heightened by the surrounding luxuriant green forests. The steps near the waterfalls take you to the depths of the falls and spray you with the water that bounces off the rocks.

Sogalla Falls

Waterfalls Near Hubli

Located about 75 kilometers from Hubli, Sogalla Falls is another popular waterfalls near the city. A dip in the clean fresh water of Sogalla Falls will definitely refresh you in a second. The calming sound of water falling combined with the peaceful presence of the mountains makes these falls very popular among tourists. There are some very famous temples that are located very near to the falls. The famous Someshwara Temple is just a few minutes from Sogalla Falls. It is one of the oldest temples in the country with beautiful stone-carved architecture. Other popular temples located near to these falls are Kalyanmantapa Temple, Surya Chandra Shrine and Sri Guru Matananda Samadhi.

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