Food in Hubli

There are some scrumptious yet nutritious food items that you may enjoy in Hubli. A majority of the people living here belong to the Savji community which is known for its love for spicy food. Hence, spicy food is popular in the city. The specialty food here includes the wholesome Jolada Rotti Oota, the delicious Girmit, Badanikao Palya and Dharwad Peda. These are cooked in most households in the city and are even readily available at various eating joints and restaurants here. Here is a close look at each of these cuisines.

Jolada Roti

Cuisine in Hubli

Jolada Roti, made of jowar or corn flour, is the staple food of Hubli, rather the entire North Karnataka. It has great nutritional value and can be had with different vegetables curries and pulses. It is loved with Bijapur style brinjal, stuffed brinjal, stuffed bell pepper, Jawari Pundi Pallya, jhunkad vadi and hesar kaalu. An ideal meal in Hubli consists of jolada roti, a vegetable curry, papad, chutney and raita. Popular chutneys prepared in Hubli that go well with jolada roti include shenga hindi and aradidda khara.

In Belgaum and Maharashta the jolada roti is loved with pitla bhakri or jhunka bhakri.

Badanikai Palya

Badanikai Palya is a popular vegetable curry prepared in Hubli. Fresh brinjals are cut into small pieces and cooked with red chilly, coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, chopped onion, coconut tamarind and various spices to prepare this delectable vegetable curry.

It is commonly prepared in almost every household in Hubli and is also available at the restaurants located here. The combination of tasteful badanikai playa, curd and nutritious jolada roti is just loved in this part of the country.


Dishes in Hubli

Girmit is a popular tea time snack served in Hubli. It is prepared at home and is even available at restaurants/eating joints located here. It is light, crispy and very delicious. What is even better is that its preparation is very simple. All you need to prepare Girmit is puffed rice, spicy sev, chopped onion, tomato, fresh green coriander and green chilies. Tamarind water, jaggery powder and turmeric powder are also added to complete the preparation.

Mirchi Vada

This is another favorite tea time snack served in Hubli. It is especially for those who crave for spicy food. It is prepared by covering a big chilly with gram flour batter and deep frying it. It is loved with a hot cup of tea. The taste of this delicious snack item enhances further when had with the spicy red chilly chutney.

Dharwad Peda

This is one of the most popular sweet dishes served in Hubli. It is a combination of milk, khoa and sugar. Almost every sweet shop in and around Hubli-Dharwad offers this delicious sweet. Though Dharwad Peda is also available at various other places in Karnataka but the one offered in Hubli and Dharwad stands out. It is also prepared at various households, especially around the festive season.

There are a number of restaurants in Hubli that serve jolada roti, girmit and various other famous foods of Hubli. If you are a resident of Hubli then you must have tried all the mentioned items. But incase you have shifted here recently or are here on a business or leisure trip then don’t forget to try these exclusive delicacies.
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